Upcoming Events

Modelling Cops Survivor Series (MCSS)

Modelling Cops brings you MCSS *(Model⁩ling Cops Survivor Series)* this is a Invitational + Open for all event which will take place in a knock out pattern who's finals will take place In Coca Cola Arena Dubai. The pricepool of the event will be 30,000 + USD.
Which will be limited to South Asia, South East Asia and Middle East Region. Are you guy's excited for an amazing end to this worst year ? We are! What do you think who will be the last SURVIVOR? For further information keep checking our website.

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Recent Events

Few recent events brought by Modelling Cops like invitational and open for all are listed below.
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Welcome to Modeling Cops Divine Cup an open for all first tournament by Modeling Cops with huge sponsorship of ₹2,50,000.

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Welcome to Modeling Cops Ultimate Showdown an Invitational Events for all Pro teams in India with a huge pricepool of ₹1,00,000.

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Welcome to PUBG Mobile MCOPS Cup Season 1.0 an open for all event with a massive prizepool of ₹50,000 brought for you by Modelling Cops.

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Welcome to PUBG MOBILE VANITY CUP (PMVC) a Modelling Cops Tournament meant to provide team with an unmatched PUBG Mobile Competitive Experience with Prize Pool of ₹50,000.

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Welcome to League of Queens an open for all girls only tournament brought for you by Modeling Cops with prize pool ₹10,000. The registration and everything was absoultely free.

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Welcome to MCOPS Titan Invitational event brought to you by Modelling Cops. Here you will witness the best action in PUBG Mobile from the best teams of India.

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Welcome to Call of Duty Mobile Warriors League a Modelling Cops Tournament meant to provide Battle Royale Teams with Prize Pool of ₹25,000. So get ready for some hard core action.

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Modelling Cops enter the world of VALORANT with their first VALORANT Tourney. 128 Teams open VALORANT Tournament with a prize pool of ₹25,000 Cash.